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Savanna Club

A NFT project with a Business DNA that connects future minded people around the world to bring impactful ideas to live.

A NFT based community of intellectual property that connects a new generation of entrepreneurs all around the world to solve the most exciting challenges of tomorrow. The BIG FIVE Savanna Club build a key role community platform for an entrepreneurial movement. Building a business needs more than just a great idea. It needs people that share a mindset to bring great ideas to other people. Our vision is to flip the system of how innovation is born based on the huge possibilities of NFTs.
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Global Sport
Bet Network

A modern-day investment community that uses sports betting information as an asset.

Based on over 20 years of sports betting history we build GSBN as a Joint-Venture with a partner from the united states. GSBN represents a community driven platform that shares one of the most valuable sports bet / trade information in the industry. Driven by the vision to change the game and to have a positive impact GSBN wants to build a active community of 100,000 bettors and traders.
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Beto's Sports
Betting Club

A tokenized sports betting elite community

BETOS’ SPORTS BETTING CLUB is a sports inspired NFT project consisting of 10,000 programmatically, randomly generated sports panthers named “Beto” living on the Ethereum blockchain. Our mission is a win-win, by giving holders of our Sports Inspired NFT exclusive access to a unique sports betting and day trading experience that produces the most stunning and profitable returns within all major international sports markets tested and used for over 20 years by Elite Members of our Sports Betting Syndicate members daily.
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A fashion brand for people that are driven by an self-defined lifestyle that are open to explore and that make every second legendary

What started as a lifestyle inspiring movement on social media back in 2014, MISTER VERCETTI turned into a mindset driven street fashion brand that inspires people all around the world to live a self-defined lifestyle where everything is possible. MISTER VERCETTI was the first brand that joined the "Unite For Tomorrow" Alliance which was initiated by the BIG FIVE Foundation.
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✳︎ What's next?

We are consistently looking for new ambitious partners want to join the BIG FIVE to build impact for the future. If you have a idea in mind that fits to our values and interestes we are looking forward to talk to you.