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Innovation for what's next

We believe that we can define a new consume system driven by different values that connects people around the world by focusing on quality and being authentic. 

We enable what's needed to challenge the existing state of affairs. We means you and I. What's needed is not always what's expected.

We are on a mission to build a global network of next-generation brands and business innovations. As we are transforming into a hybrid future driven by modern-day technology, we are focused on building hybrid innovations collaborative with our ambitious partners, that connect reality and virtuality with whole new experiences. Our vision is to have build something impactful that can define a new consumer system which all exist to make a difference for tomorrow world and to give back to everyone who has no positive impact from our current system. 

Business Sectors


We are primarily focused on a new evolution of single-product consumer brands that stand out based on quality and authenticity. 


In a world full of change, there are whole new opportunities to invest impactful. We are investing in the assets of tomorrow’s hybrid economy. 

Artificial Intelligence

We see a huge potential in AI and working in innovative solutions to implement AI in future business models. As well as developing AI innovations with out partners. 


We believe in the future of the blockchain technology, especially in the consumer blockchain, and we want to be pioneers in its implementation. 


Everyone will be influenced by technology in the future. We believe that technology can do way more to have a positive impact on what’s next. 


Platforms connect people using technologies. We believe that especially decentralized platforms will make a huge difference in the future. 

/ How we work

The BIG FIVE Ecosystem

We’re an infrastructure provider for future thinking business models. We simplify the process and change the existing state of affairs on how businesses and brands are built and give them a chance to grow. 

enable / Investing

New Business / Brand



BIG FIVE Services


✳︎ Enable & Invest

Enableing innovation by solving exciting challenges.

When it comes to create and validate new business innovation, we work in a different kind of process, which is more decentralized and community driven. Our experts and entrepreneurial thinkers collaborate with ambitious founder teams to outline new business innovations and validate the business model for sustainable long-term success. In the next step, we involve our NFT based global community from the BIG FIVE Savanna Club to pre-test the business and give them the chance to invest in innovation by tokenize business shares. Finally, a new business is born that is fully validated for future success. 

✳︎ Extend

Building community and transform business into web3

We invest in future thinking business models and integrate them in the our global expanding ecosystem by developing platforms that connect consumers with innovations.

✳︎ Execute

Offering solutions to enable business models in web3

We build a service network to provide technology infrastructure, creative and marketing services to our global expanding network of enterprises that help new business models to launch faster, smarter and better. 

Business Building

Step 1

Idea Verification

Every great business starts with a great idea. But is the idea good enough to build a proper business? To verify the idea we will work close with the community to get a real feedback and improvement input. The experts from the BIG FIVE Agency will help to build a MVP (Minumum Valuable Product) and to manage a pre sale to proof the business idea. Community members will be a part of the product development of the new brand from the very beginning.

Step 2

Community Voting

We will introduce the best new business ideas both from the BIG FIVE Group as well as from community member pitches to the community. Every NFT holder can vote for one idea that they want to be launched in the B5SC. The business with the most votes will win the game and will be able to join the incubator. The Business Analysts from the BIG FIVE Group will make a first validation of the business before it will be introduced to the community.

Step 3

Community Voting

The business will share it’s financial plan to the community and defines how much capital it needs to build the business. Next the community decides how much they want to invest from the start up fund, which is managed by the community.

Step 4

Business Share Tokens
The new startup has the opportunity to drop “Share NFTs” (security tokens) on the BIG FIVE Savanna Lodge where Genesis NFT Holders will have early bird investment opportunities. This will enable the business to acquire more capital in exchange to business shares based on NFTs. Private Investors will benefit from the future profits of the business.

Step 5

Launch the Business

Supported by the digital experts from the BIG FIVE Enterprises we will launch the new business at an community event. Therefore we will implement Web 3 Technologies into the business websites and online stores to enable exclusive benefits for every B5SC NFT holder. Next the marketing experts from the BIG FIVE Agency will manage a public marketing campaign to introduce the new business to the public.

Step 6

Giving Back

The new launched business commits to give back a 5% profit share to the B5SC. The money will go back to the startup fund to support future businesses. Next the journey will start from the beginning.

✳︎ Join us on our Journey

If you are an innovative and ambitious founder or entrepreneur that believes that we can have an impact on the future by changing the perspective. Get in Touch with us and let us talk about what's in your mind.