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We support ambitious founders moving the world forward.

In 2008, Yannic Vollmer CEO of the BIG FIVE Group founded his first business. 15 years later, he looks back on a journey full of experiences and learning that enabled him to be a serial entrepreneur. After all the lessons to be learned, he asked himself, “what would in look like to create a radically different kind of business incubator and venture fund?”. It would need to have the reliability of a single LP, the autonomy of a traditional VC with a more open mindset, and the technical expertise of a founder. It would need access to a pool of experts from different fields and the freedom to do invest in direct competitors. 

Together with the leadership team of the BIG FIVE Group, we outlined the idea of making a different on how we will build businesses in the future. Today we are proud to call the BIG FIVE Enterprise one of the most important division of our Group. 

We are still learning every day, but we mastered to move into the right direction, and we are excited about what we can learn in the future. 

BIG FIVE Enterprises operates on longtime horizons and deals in decades—not rounds. At launch, we were financed by 25% of the global profits of the BIG FIVE Group. With the launch of the BIG FIVE Savanna Club, a NFT and blockchain-based business building project, we innovated the way of financing innovations. We’ve developed a model to tokenize business shares and give a strong future thinking community the power to support brands and ideas that are about to have an impact on the future. 

While finding capital may be more accessible than ever, the venture part of VC is still hard. Building a company that spans generations and creates far-reaching, equitable change is still insanely hard. We hope the most reliable piece of the whole journey is the relationship with us.

Ambitious Goals

100 Brands

Our mission is to build a portfolio of 100 different brands until 2030 by creating our own innovations and growing our network of ambitious founders around the world. 

100 Million People

We’ve written down our goal to reach 100 Million people all around the world with our innovations and value-driven campaigns to share our vision of a different tomorrow. 

$5 Billion Revenue

We want to generate a total revenue of $5 Billion across all our operations until 2030. From, we will invest at least 50% to build the next innovations for the next decade. 

Invest $1 Billion

Our goal it is to build a $1 Billion venture fund until 2030 that will be used 100% to invest in a new evolution of innovating founders to move the world forward. 

$250M Charity Fund

If we reach our 2030 revenue goal, we will be able to invest $250 Million from our money in the BIG FIVE Foundation that supports projects around the world that match our vision. 

Impact 1 Billion

Through our digital campaigns we have the mission to impact the mindset of 1 Billion people around the world unit 2030 to share our understanding of a different consume system that can impact others. 

✳︎ A Journey that just has started

As computer scientists, media strategist, and entrepreneurs, we can get in the weeds with startup teams on technical challenges. And if we can't solve the problem or get the right answer, we leverage our relationships across the BIG FIVE Group ecosystems and find someone who can. We support innovative founders across industries and optimize for ideas that demand long-term relationships — ones where we can provide value across multiple stages and milestones.